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This is the combination that has made the dreams of thousands of families reality within 25 years.



Sueño Americano

Like Most American, our Association members have the expectation taht when we retire, we will be able to kick back, realx and enjoy the "good life". We dream of traveling first class and walking on the tropical beaches of the world. We dream of eating in the finest restaurants and driving nice cars. We dream of being able to play an afternoon hits us. Is this not waht we deserve after a lifetime of hard work? We all deserve to live life to its fullest both now and in the future. FREEDOMFLEX® can help make your dreams come true.

Another dream our members have is to give their children a college education. Did you know that financial experts tell us that a child born today will need well over $80,000 for a four year college education in a public college, and a staggering $250,000 or more in a private college? By utilizing our Association's Higher Education Program as well as FREEDOMFLEX® you can achive this dream.